Feequently asked questions

Q: What does The Samajh do?
Ans: THE SAMAJH is a team of people willing to help economic & social weaker section of society.

Q: How was THE SAMAJH formed? Who formed it and why?
Ans; THE SAMAJH was formed in 2018 by RJ Raawat, together with his students and friends. Initially, special attention was given to the environment and free vocational training. RJ Raawat started THE SAMAJH to restore the green environment on the earth.

Q: Are you a registered body?
Ans: Yes, THE SAMAJH is registered under Indian Trust Act 1882. It is also registered for exemption under section 80G, 12A and for CSR.

Q: Where is your head office?
Ans: THE SAMAJH has its head office in Delhi, at B-115 Ground Floor, Bhagwan Nagar, New Delhi 110014, India.

Appointment & visit to THE SAMAJH

Q; I want to meet you in Delhi. Who should I coordinate with, for this?
Ans; Please write to info@thesamajh.in to schedule your visit during our working hours i.e Monday – Friday (11 am – 6 pm, lunch hours 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm). In Delhi our address is – THE SAMAJH, B 115, Ground Floor, Bhagwan Nagar, Near Manokamna Temple, New Delhi 110014 Nearest Landmarks: Manokamna Temple, RK Jewellers, Easy Day Please call on 011-41727998 for any assistance regarding directions etc. The contact point at the head office will be Mr. RJ Raawat – 9999537998.

Q: What all can I give/contribute?
Ans: You can give more or less anything, which is not being used at your home, office or community and could be of use to another. You can also contribute your time once weekly, once monthly to help our beneficiaries in different ways.

Q; I want to contribute material to THE SAMAJH. Can someone come and pick it up from my place?
Ans; Kindly note that we do not have a mechanism for picking up material from individual households or entities, given our limited resources. To know more you can write to Mr. Rahul Kumar Pandey on info@thesamajh.in or call us on 011-41727998.

Q: We have heard that you also take old newspapers and other waste paper like magazines, brochures, and used paper etc. aside. What do you do with these things?
Ans: The old newspapers are either turned into paper bags of different sizes or sold to raise funds for our work. The one side used paper, brochures, magazines etc are used for making notebooks for rural kids and writing pads.

Q: Will you issue an acknowledgement of material I contribute?
Ans: Yes we will issue an acknowledgement for material received.

Q: Will I get tax exemption on my contribution in kind?
Ans: Under the Indian government rules you won’t get any tax exemption on material contribution.

Q: If I pay you for the transportation, will you be able to send someone for pick up?
Ans: If we know of a transporter who will pick up your material and bring it to our processing center, we will let you know his details and you can talk to him directly about the charges etc.

Q: Are you active in Delhi slums?
Ans: Yes we are active in Delhi slums. We provide material to many Delhi and NCR based NGO’s who are working with slum communities.
Q: Can I come with you in the villages where you are working?
Ans: You are most welcome to travel with our team members when they go on field visits but the facilities and the living conditions at the villages are the most basic, so be prepared for some rough living. Let us know about your free dates and if there is someone traveling at that time, we will let you know.

Volunteering and Internship

Q: How can I volunteer with THE SAMAJH?
Ans: Anyone irrespective of age, gender, education, nationality can volunteer with THE SAMAJH in many different ways, even sitting at home. Visit our website https://thesamajh.in/ for a list of volunteering opportunities, write to us at info@thesamajh.in or download our android mobile application from play store “THE SAMAJH”.

Q: Do I have to pay any membership fee to become your volunteer?
Ans: No, there is no membership fee for joining THE SAMAJH. Anyone anywhere can become a volunteer by joining our work in different capacities.

Q; I want to do an internship with THE SAMAJH. Who should I contact for this?
Ans; For interning with THE SAMAJH, Kindly note that the minimum duration of internship is of 1 month and interns have to work closely with team from Monday to Friday (11 am – 5 pm).You can send us your application on info@thesamajh.in

Q: Will I get a certificate, if I volunteer with THE SAMAJH?
Ans: On request we will surely issue a certificate for the work and duration of time that a person volunteer with THE SAMAJH on the tasks assigned by us.

Q: I want to join you formally, how do I do that?
Ans: Send us your details and whenever there is an opening we will get in touch with you but if you are keen on working with us then the best way is to start with doing voluntary work with us. That will give you a first hand idea about our work, our work culture etc. Send us your detailed resume on info@thesamajh.in for future reference.

Q: I want to do my internship, how do I proceed?
Ans: Please ask your institute to send us a formal letter, mentioning about your interest in doing an internship with THE SAMAJH. Also, please mention the duration, specific interest area, geographical preference. Clear and detailed information from your side will help us revert back at the earliest.

Q; What logistics expenses and stipend does THE SAMAJH provide to interns?
Ans; We would be happy to help with arranging accommodation and other aspects but given our limited resources we are unable to offer accommodation and other stay related arrangements to interns. Also we do not give stipend for internship.

Finances and Funding

Q: How do you raise funds for regular functioning?
Ans: THE SAMAJH is a self-funded NGO.

Q: How do I make monetary contribution to THE SAMAJH?
Ans: You can directly pay via our website www.thesamajh.in • For receipt purpose, please send your name, amount, PAN number, email ID, tel no. and address to info@thesamajh.in with date & mode of transfer, transfer code/ cheque number, Bank’s name and location with last 4 digits of your account number.

Q: Why do you need monetary support?
Ans: The all our operations need manpower, training kits, purchasing plants, purchase books, office expenses, electricity, office rent, internet and team salaries.
Q: How much tax exemption will I get for my monetary contribution to THE SAMAJH?
Ans: 50% rebate from Income Tax of India.

Q: Can you tell me how exactly my money has been utilized & for what purpose?
Ans: It is difficult to specify the exact utilization of each person’s contribution. You can however get all information about our work, where all we are working, what activities are happening, what is the impact. An easy way to find it in our Annual Report or Newsletter.

Q: If I want to send money by cheque/draft, in whose name shall I make the cheque?
Ans: All donations should be made in the name of THE SAMAJH. Please make sure you get the receipt for the same and also please give us your details (PAN no, name, address, email id, contact no) at the time of making the contribution. We need this information as a statutory requirement under the law.

Q: How do I organize collection in my office/colony/schools? What kind of support THE SAMAJH will provide to initiate the collection?
Ans: First please talk to us about what exactly do you want to do including the basic information, what, where, how, when, why. Once we have the basic information we can guide you on what steps need to be taken before initiating a collection drive. If need be we will also provide you leaflets for local publicity and manpower. Organizing a collection drive may sound like a simple enough thing, but having done it consistently for the last many years, trust us that we know where the usual bottlenecks come up. We want your collection drive to be a big success, it not only helps us, it encourages more people to take up this kind of initiative.

Q: If I want to open a training centre at my place what is the procedure?
Ans: You can get in touch with our office to find out more about setting up a training centre. Write to us on info@thesamajh.in

Our work processes

Q: What are various Initiatives that THE SAMAJH is involved with?
Ans: With its primary focus on channelizing resources from the cities to the villages, THE SAMAJH works on following programmes :
• Environmental work (Plantation, care and awareness)
• Women Empowerment (Training)
• Autumn Green Gold Collection (Manure making)
• Project Deeksha (Free Vocational Training)
• Project Pashumitra (Wildlife Protection Awareness)
• Project Sanrakshan (Helping hand for old age people & senior citizen recreation centre)

Corporate Partnerships

Q: I work with a corporate and I want to talk to someone in your team about a partnership for CSR and other aspects. Who should I talk to?
Ans: For corporate partnerships please write to info@thesamajh.in from our Corporate Engagement team to further discuss.

Q: I am writing from a corporate and I want to discuss about organizing a collection drive among our employees. Who should I talk to?
Ans: You can write to RJ Raawat info@thesamajh.in about this.

Q: I am writing on behalf of a corporate. We really like the work of THE SAMAJH. How can we connect with your work?
Ans: 1. As an organization you can connect with our work through – Co-branded campaigns – CSR funded projects – Giving your surplus/2-3 months to expire inventory – Giving your surplus office material like furniture/IT equipment – One side used paper and other stationary – Matching grants to employee payroll giving 2. Engaging your Employees – Organising environmental program of plantation & tree adoption programs. – Payroll Giving – employees can support THE SAMAJH work with payroll giving on a regular basis or for its disaster relief and rehab work. – Connect with some innovative giving ideas like Old newspaper and one side used paper giving. To know more about corporate engagement please write to info@thesamajh.in

Research on THE SAMAJH

Q; I am a research scholar and am writing on one of the issues THE SAMAJH is working on. I have some queries about your work. Who should I speak to?
Ans; We hope you have gone through our website www.thesamajh.in thoroughly to understand the work better. Do send in your queries to info@thesamajh.in with a letter from your research institution.

General Disclaimer:

No third party agency is working on behalf of THE SAMAJH for any recruitment, training, camps or other activities related to THE SAMAJH. Please check/consult with THE SAMAJH directly to get correct information or assistance. Please beware of any unwarranted claims made by anyone on our behalf. Kindly bring any such claims to our notice for immediate attention and action. THE SAMAJH doesn’t charge any money from anyone for these activities. So if you come across any individual/organization making a monetary demand in our name please bring it to our notice immediately on info@thesamajh.in or call us on 011-41727998 / +91-9999537998