Questions & Answers Regarding COVID-19 Testing

How do we confirm that a person has COVID-19?

RT - PCR based molecular test is carried out to confirm if a person has COVID-19 (is infected with Type-2 Corona Virus.

Nature of Sample taken for COVID-19 testing

A person has to give throat and nasal swab (technically called Oropharyngeal and Nasopharyngeal swab) that is collected by two separate and different types of swabs at the same time.

Who collects the Sample?

Sample collection is done by trained healthcare worker under standard safety measures.

Do all of us need to undergo testing?

All of us do not need to undergo testing for COVID-19.

What should one do in case S/he fits into one of the categories for testing?

In case one finds her/himself the right candidate to undergo testing for COVID-19,S/he should consult a Doctorat a Govt. or registered private health facility for advise.

What should one do in case S/he is advised COVID-19 testing?

A. For testing through Govt. setup: Visit the nearest COVID-19 testing centre/hospital for sampling. For list of sample collection centres please click here.

B. For testing through private setup:

i. The Private Hospital approached by the person may take the sample and send it to the empanelled /designated COVID lab OR it may arrange sample collection and processing by the designated Lab itself.

ii. Alternatively, person after consultation with a Govt. facility/Private Doctor may contact one of the empanelled private sector labs in Delhi for home based sample collection by their team.

iii. For list of Private Sector labs empanelled for COVID-19 testing in Delhi, click here.

Timings for Sample Collection in a Delhi Govt. set up

Sample collection starts at various facilities and in community (containment zones/hotspots etc.) around 9:00 am and goes on till 2:00 to 3:00 pm (as the samples have to be maintained under cold chain throughout and transported to the designated Labs the same day).

Documents/ information to be shared at the time of sample collection.

When can you expect the report to be available?

Samples collected by Delhi Govt. units are being processed within a maximum of 48 hours. One may contact the sample collection site for report after the stipulated time period.

24 X 7 Delhi State Helpline Numbers


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